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Construction Work Begins on Jeddah Cove Project

Ezdihar Real Estate Development Company announced that work began on Jeddah Cove project, which is located on the Red Sea coast of Jeddah. The project is expected to be completed and launched in the beginning of 2024.

Operating on a 137,640 m2 area, the project encompasses a variety of entertainment facilities including a cinema, a food court, indoor and outdoor spaces, and a 51,000 m2 lake perfect for boat rides. The highlight of the project is the enormous Senses Fountain, featuring water dancing to music amidst lights and scents, offering visitors a five sensory experience.

This project was designed with an exceptional vision for the future and an innovative reimagining of the waterfront, whilst taking into account the city’s touristic significance. Based on that, we are building a project that meets the needs and requirements of tourists, without compromising those of the citizens; in a way ensuring that every visitor has the best time and looks forward to visiting again.

We carefully selected the location of the project to be in close proximity to Formula 1 race track, King Abdul-Aziz International Airport, Jeddah Yacht Club and other prime locations.